Convertible Fleece Mittens with Thinsulate Insulation

Finger Fashions

  • $32.00

Fleece Mitten Gloves

Fleece Mittens convertible handwear are your go to in the cold months while delivering mail!!!

Your postal uniforms are not complete until you have added the convertible fleece mittens gloves. The gloves retract, making it easy to sort and deliver mail. The wind block fleece shell resists wind and repels water. The thinsulate lining in the body and retractable hood provide you with immediate warmth.The canvas palm enables a better grip. The thumb has a retractable hood to make even better use while wearing this glove.

Features and Benefits

  • Retractable gloves
  • Wind blocking fleece shell
  • Water-repellent
  • Thinsulate lining
  • Canvas palm for excellent grip

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