USPS Postal Uniform Allowance Guidelines

USPS Uniform Allowance

Check your Postal uniform allowance balance by calling Citibank 1-800-287-5003.

Activate your card immediately by calling 1-800-287-5003.  Always check your balance and know your anniversary date to make ordering your postal uniforms easily with Postal Uniform Bonus.  Full Allotment Bonus included without having to spend your full postal allowance!

USPS CCA Postal Uniform Allowance Voucher Accepted.  Uniform Bonus offers the easiest way for CCA's to purchase while using the uniform voucher.

Job Type Allotment (2/21/23)
Letter Carrier - New $556
Letter Carrier - Veteran $464
CCA (City Carrier Assistant) More Info $464
Window Clerk - New $235
Window Clerk - Veteran $209
Motor Vehicle Service - New $600
Motor Vehicle Service - Veteran $487


Shoes: Letter Carriers, CCA, MVS and Mail Handler/Maintenance personnel may buy shoes beginning with their 1st allotment; Window Clerks may buy shoes with their 3rd allotment.