Care Instructions for Postal Uniforms

Proper care for your USPS Postal Uniform apparel, accessories and footwear will guarantee longevity for your use.  Read the tops below!

What You Should Do:

Read care labels in garments before washing.

Pretreat stains before washing by rubbing stained areas with liquid detergent.  Allow time for it to penetrate.

Wash your new postal uniforms separately for the first few times.

Turn your postal uniforms inside out.

Zip up zippers

Treat difficult stains with liquid detergent or stain remover before washing.

Dry on low heat or hang dry.

Remove your uniform immediately from the dryer to avoid wrinkles.

Use a warm iron, if necessary. If you hang dry, use plastic or wood hangers.

Empty pockets and remove name badges.

Hand wash cold and air dry Headwear.

Dry Clean for Ties.

What You Shouldn't Do:

NEVER use bleach, especially chlorine-based bleach; it can damage or yellow fabrics.

NEVER mix whites or towels and colored uniforms in the same wash load.

NEVER use a high heat setting for drying.

NEVER leave a uniform in the dryer after cycle is over.

NEVER use wire hangers.