Postal Uniforms Buying Checklist

Buying postal uniforms has been a difficult process for many.  There are many choices of postal uniform vendors online.  Making the right choice on which vendor to purchase from can be a difficult decision.

  • Does the vendor stock the merchandise in the sizes it offers?
  • Does the vendor provide great customer service and your complete satisfaction?
  • Is the vendor supplying authorized and postal approved products?
  • Are the products good quality?
  • Is the vendor allowing you to maximize your allowance money?

Each question mentioned is extremely important.  The answer to the above is YES when you purchase from UniformBonus.  Our commitment to the USPS for more than 40 years has always remained the same, To provide top quality products at a low cost quickly.  We know issues arise.  And when they do, we are fully committed to resolving it promptly.