Hanz Waterproof Sealskinz Socks

  • $45.99

Whether you are walking through cold or wet snow delivering mail during a rainy day, these waterproof socks will keep your feet dry and comfortable. Keeping your feet dry is critical for those cold, rainy days on the job.
  • Unique three-layer construction allows your foot to breath yet is waterproof
  • Interior lining of DuPont CoolMax provides comfort in any conditions
  • Great for use in the winter
  • Seamless design


  • Small: (Men's Shoe) 5-6 (Women's Shoe) 6-7
  • Medium: (Men's Shoe) 7-9 (Women's Shoe) 8-10
  • Large: (Men's Shoe) 10-11 (Women's Shoe) 11+
  • X-Large: (Men's Shoe) 12-15

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