Hanz Waterproof Chillblocker Sealskinz Socks

  • $57.99

The Black Hanz Waterproof Chillblocker Sealskinz Socks are perfect for those cold, rainy days on the job. The Postal Chillblocker socks will keep your feet dry and warm while ensuring comfortability. 
  • Mid Calf Height, 11" Inches
  • Waterproof For Cold and Wet Conditions To Keep Your Feet Dry and Warm
  • Outside Layer: Nylon and Lycra Spandex
  • Middle Layer: Waterproof MVT (Moisture Vapor Transpiration), Allows Perspiration To Escape While Not Allowing Water To Penetrate
  • Inside Layer: Polar Fleece-Lined With Polartec Power Stretch
  • Seamless Design Provides The Ultimate Action Performance and Comfort

Sock Sizing:

  • Small: (Men's Shoe) 5-6 (Women's Shoe) 6-7
  • Medium: (Men's Shoe) 7-9 (Women's Shoe) 8-10
  • Large: (Men's Shoe) 10-11 (Women's Shoe) 11+
  • X-Large: (Men's Shoe) 12-15

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