USPS Allowance Guidelines

Check your uniform allotment balance by calling Citibank 1-800-287-5003.  Activate your card immediately by calling 1-800-287-5003.  Always check your balance and know your anniversary date to make ordering your postal uniforms easily with Uniform Bonus.
Job Type Allotment (2017)
Letter Carrier - New $517
Letter Carrier - Veteran $420
CCA (City Carrier Assistant) $420
Window Clerk - New $201
Window Clerk - Veteran $180
Motor Vehicle Service - New $517
Motor Vehicle Service - Veteran $420
APWU Work $85
NPMHU Work $84
NPMHU Contract $166
APWU Custodial Maintenance $162
APWU Vehicle Maintenance $205


Shoes: Letter Carriers and Mail Handler/Maintenance personnel may buy shoes beginning with their 1st allotment; Window Clerks may buy shoes with their 3rd allotment.